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7 Ways to Discourage, 7 Ways to Encourage Your Pastor

7 Ways to Discourage 7 Ways to Encourage Your PastorI came across a great article by Thom Rainer recently that pointed out 7 ways to discourage or 7 ways to encourage your pastor.  I am a third generation pastor.  I have seen all fourteen of these actions take place within congregations.

How does your congregation score?

Here is a review of seven negative behaviors pertaining to your pastor:

  1. Criticize the pastor’s family.
  2. Tell the pastor he is overpaid.
  3. Don’t defend the pastor.
  4. Tell your pastor what an easy job he has.
  5. Be a constant naysayer.
  6. Make comments about the pastor’s expenditures.
  7. Compare your pastor’s preaching and ministry unfavorably to that of another pastor.

Here are seven behaviors that can counter the 7 negative actions listed above:

  1. Encourage the pastor’s family.
  2. Thank the pastor for all that the pastor does at the church.
  3. Take a stand for your pastor.
  4. Understand the number of hours a pastor puts in each week.
  5. Encourage the pastor instead of being critical.
  6. Don’t compare the pastor to the rare exceptions who live lavishly.
  7. Tell your pastor how the sermons impact your life.

How is your church doing when it comes to dealing with your pastor and the ministry team of your fellowship?

Dale Roach

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