7 Simple Reasons Leaders Cannot Create Teamwork

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7 reasons to create teamwork

Do you know how to create teamwork?

Why are some people able to grow teams while others cannot?

Have you ever wondered why some leaders are able to create powerful teamwork among those they lead?

7 Simple Reasons Leaders Cannot Create Teamwork:

1.  The leader cannot stop micro-managing.

2. The leader does not trust those he or she is leading.

3. The leader does not encourage the various skills of each team member to be used.

4. The leader fails to seek out differing opinions.

5. The leader avoids change.

6. The leader does not seek out people smarter than they are.

7. The leader fails to have a well defined and easy to understand vision for those he or she leads.

Dale Roach

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6 thoughts on “7 Simple Reasons Leaders Cannot Create Teamwork

  1. Not only are these truly “simple” but so very true!! thanks Dale for all you do to help us to boldly and wisely lead the way


    1. Marie, it is always good to hear from someone like you who shows great leadership skills!

  2. Yes to all! Some leaders are too insecure with themselves that teamwork cannot be achieved within the team they manage.

    1. Insecurity is a strong and defeating emotion. You are correct in noting that teamwork and insecurity do not work well together.

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