7 Reasons Why Teamwork Will Not Work in Churches

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Why Does Teamwork Not Work in Churches?

Why do some congregations find it difficult to create a team approach that will work in churches?  Here are seven facts to consider.

  1. Some churches think teamwork is a secular concept. For some reason, churches believe that a strategy that operates on the job should not be brought into the church. The truth is that God created teamwork at the beginning of creation when he said, “It is not good for the man to be alone.” (Genesis 2:18)
  1. Some pastors do not believe teamwork will work. There could be several reasons why a pastor does not believe in teamwork. Insecurity in trusting others is a reason some pastors do not engage themselves and the congregation they lead in team development. Teamwork development takes time and a lot of investment in people.
  1. Some church members do not believe teamwork will work. This is a strange belief. Many Christians work in businesses that work hard in the creation of a teamwork environment. However, there are some Christians who do not see how the development of teamwork can help the church.
  1. Some church members do not respect one another. If a group is ever going to become a team, respect must be in the thick of the relationship. When church members do not elevate each other, destruction is a sure thing.
  1. Some churches do not have a system of training for teamwork development? Even if a congregation believes teamwork is a good idea, training must take place. Teamwork development requires a clear understanding of the concept. For teamwork training to take place, it must be promoted by the pastors and the lay leaders.
  1. Some churches will never see teamwork take place because micro-managers are in charge. When there is a suppression of teamwork by those who want to be in charge of everything, team creation will never take place. Micro-managers do not have to be the pastoral staff. These people could be powerfully persuasive members who want their hand in every affair of the fellowship.
  1. Some churches depend on past programs and event scheduling more than on the development and creation of teamwork. When teamwork creation takes a back seat to everything else, teamwork will not take place in a church. Team creation has a heavy concentration on the training of individuals in the church over programs and events.

How is your fellowship doing when it comes to the idea of teamwork development?

Does your church have a teamwork system in place? If so, are these teams working?

Why do the majority of congregations not have a teamwork strategy in place?

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