7 Reasons Why Being a Micromanager Will Kill Teamwork

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A Micromanager Will Never Create Teamwork

7 Reasons Why Being a Micromanager Will Kill Teamwork

Here is a basic truth—Teamwork will never take place as long as one person is completely in charge!

Micromanagers destroy teamwork!

If you decide to be a micromanager here are some simple truths:

  1. You will suppress the creativity of individuals.
  2. You will insult the giftedness of very talented people.
  3. You will destroy the participative desire of people in a teamwork environment.
  4. You will place a load of the project upon yourself.
  5. You will suppress a wealth of resources.
  6. You will destroy the desires of other people to work with you in the future.
  7. You will simply become a personality to be avoided.

I have heard many leaders in many organizations say, “It is much easier for me to just go ahead and do it myself than to depend on someone else to do it.” This type of statement comes from the mouth of a micromanager.

The greatest resources we have in our businesses, charity groups or faith based organizations are the people who make them up. The biggest mistakes we make is when we do not tap into the resources, talents and gifts of those who work on our teams.

A good team leader is not someone who is worried about his or her career but rather the successes of those who work around them.

A good leader does not focus on themselves but are seeking to take care of those who work under their leadership. If micromanaging is suppressed, organizations will see great success.

A good manager understands that tapping into the resources of others and encouraging them to be all they can be will enrich his or her skills as a leader. Self-centered leadership is self-destructive. It may last for a while, but only for a while.

Great leadership places trust in other people!  Micromanagers do not!

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