7 Keys for Leaders to Communicate Their Vision

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7 Keys for Leaders to Communicate Their Vision
7 Keys for Leaders to Communicate Their Vision

In his book, Leading Change, John P. Kotter gives 7 keys for leaders to communicate their vision to those under their guidance.  For any leader to be effective, there must be a clear explanation of their vision for those who are following them. 

  1. Simplicity:  All jargon and technobabble must be eliminated
  2. Metaphor, analogy, and example:  A verbal picture is worth a thousand words.
  3. Multiple forums: Big meetings and small, memos and newspaper, formal and informal interaction – all are effective for spreading the word.
  4. Repetition: Ideas sink in deeply only after have been heard many times.
  5. Leadership by example:  Behavior from important people that is inconsistent with the vision overwhelms other forms of communication.
  6. Explanation of seeming inconsistencies:  Unaddressed inconsistencies undermine the credibility of all communication.
  7. Give-and-take:  Two-way communication is always more powerful than one-way communication. (Leading Change, John P. Kotter, pg. 90)
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