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Personal Leadership guru Robin Sharma shares his 7 Fundamentals of Personal Leadership

1. Learning.  Read from books that will inspire you, strengthen your character and remind you of the examples of the greatest leaders of our world.  Also, listen to audiobooks on subjects ranging from business excellence, team building and innovation to wellness, relationships and personal motivation.

2. Affirmations.  One of the single b est ways to re-script limiting beliefs and failure programs within your mind is through the consistent repetition of positive statements about the leader you want to become and the achievements you commit to create.  For example, reciting the affirmation “Today I am focused, excellent and stunnningly passionate in all I do” a number of times at the beginning of your day will create the mindset of a champion and winning emotional state for you.

3. Visualization.  The mind works through pictures.  All outer achievements begin within the mind. All progress is nothing more than invisible creativity made visible.  So during your personal leadership hour, make time to close your eyes and like any good elite athlete does envision yourself realizing your goals, playing at your best and fully awakening your inner leader.

4. Journaling.  Writing in a journal is a remarkably strong way to become a clearer thinker, to build massive amounts of self awareness and to record your intended outcomes.  During your hour of personal development, note your insights, feelings, hopes and dreams.  Also process through any frustrations you might be experiencing and go deep into your fears.  Your journal is also a place to express gratitude for all you have and to memorialize your journey through life.

5. Goal Setting.  Setting and then reconnecting with your goals on a regular basis is a powerful success discipline.  Goals generate hope positive energy. And when you experience adversity-and we all do from time to time-clearly articulated goals offer you a North Star to guide you out of the rough seas into calmer waters.

6. Exercise.  Remember that doing something physical each day boosts brain function, fuels far higher energy levels, helps you manage stress more effectively and keeps you in the game longer.

7. Nutrition.  What you eat determines how you well you’ll perform.  Leadership is influenced by your diet.  By eating like a winner, your energy will remain at peak and your moods will stay positive.  Please also remember that by eating less food, you’ll be able to do better work.

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