7 Characteristics of Conflict in Church That Kills

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characteristics of conflict in church

7 Characteristics of Conflict in Church That Kills

Why is it that some churches seem to flourish and do well while other churches are weak and dying. This type of behavior is happening across all kinds of congregations.

Most causes that lead to church decline and closings are due to conflict within the fellowship. Listed below are seven characteristics of conflict that lead to the destruction of a once healthy congregation.

1.  Characteristics of Conflict Grow in a Church When There is No Clear Direction

Conflict evolves in congregations that do not have a clear vision or mission statement. No one in the church can tell you why the church exists. Because of this, people in the church will promote their personal agenda. This behavior will breed conflict.

2. Characteristics of Conflict in Church Grow When One or Two Personalities Dominant the Fellowship

The Apostle Paul taught that the church is the “body of Christ.” When a congregation allows only a few people to run the entire organization, it stifles the skies of everyone else. This type of behavior is insulting to those who are ignored or brushed aside.

3. Characteristics of Conflict in Church Grow in Congregations When Business Meetings Mean More Than the Mission of the Church.

Jesus told his disciples to “go into the world and make disciples.” When the organization and business affairs of the congregation mean more than its mission, the conflict will evolve.

4. Characteristics of Conflict in Church Grow in Fellowship When True Worship is Ignored

True worship will attack conflict among people. The moving of the Holy Spirit among a congregation when they come together will give worshippers skills and desires to forgive and be forgiven. When sincere worship grows in a church conflict will be attacked by the Holy Spirit.

5. Characteristics of Conflict in Church Grow When Personalities are Dominant Over the Lordship of Jesus

Great preachers, excellent teachers, insightful scholars are all needed in a healthy church. However, when any person takes a dominant role over the Lordship of Jesus conflict is brewing.

6. Characteristics of Conflict Grow in Church When Forgiveness is Not Practiced

 Forgiving someone who has hurt us or offended us is not an easy task. Whenever two or more people get together for any period of time conflict will take place. Hanging on to past memories of hurt seem to be easier for some people than the practice of forgiveness. The lack of forgiving someone is like a powder keg packed with dynamite waiting for a spark. Forgiveness is not always easy. However, forgiveness is extremely healthy for the one willing to forgive.

7. Characteristics of Conflict Grow in a Church When Money Takes the Place of the Lordship of Jesus

Many churches had destroyed their mission and ministry when they allowed themselves to be pulled into a life of debt and burden. There are times that churches will borrow money to build structures and buy equipment to help with their ministry. The question most always asked, “Is the Lord telling us to do what we are about to do?”

How does your church deal with conflict?


Dale Roach

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