7 Characteristics of a Strong and Good Leadership Team?

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Leadership Team7 Characteristics of a Strong and Good Leadership Team?

Here is a quote from George Barna’s book The Power of Team Leadership that helps define what a leader is all about.

Work groups are collections of people who come together for a particular duration to accomplish a specific task. The task is not necessarily vision-driven, and the group’s focus might not be the future. A workgroup generally does not have the special combination of spiritual gifts and natural talents required to accomplish that plethora of outcomes that move the church toward the fulfillment of God’s vision. A committee is a collection of individuals who meet for discussion and perhaps to make recommendations regarding policies, programs, or plans. Committees typically have little, if any, authority to act. Often they provide the organization with ideas, references, or suggestions that a leadership body then considers and passes judgment upon.

A leadership team is quite different. It is a small group of leaders who possess complementary gifts and skills. They are committed to one another’s growth and success and hold themselves mutually accountable. Together they lead a large group of people toward a common vision, specific performance goals, and a plan of action.” (pages 23-24)

A Leadership Team also shows these characteristics:

  1. It is made up of a small group.
  2. It is a collection of leaders.
  3. It has a combination of gifts and talents.
  4. It is committed to one another’s growth and success.
  5. It has a corporate vision that brings the group together.
  6. It is a team that has goals and a plan.
  7. It is a team that is mutually accountable to one another and enables one another to live up to both individual and team standard. (pages 24-27)

What is the characteristic of your team?

Are you involved with gifted leaders?

Strong team leaders will create an environment for healthy organizational development.

Dale Roach

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