6 STEPS Toward the Creation of a STRONG TEAM

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Some organization, volunteer groups and churches have never attempted to lead those who work with them in developing a strong team. Here 6 basic steps that help in creating a healthy team!

Step 1. Start with people who will be willing to experiment with the team approach.  These “pioneers” will learn from doing and then pass on their experience and perspective to future teams.  Have an arrangement where team members will evaluate the success of the pilot team.  Lead your beginning team to decide whether or not to continue with the process. Recruitment in the early stages is essential and convincing those who have been recruited that “teamwork” is a good idea is essential.

Step 2. Team members should elect their own team leader to be the representative for the rest of the organization, business or church. This is another step in the evolution of team trust.

Step 3. Teams will need to clarify who they are if they are going to be successful.  This clarification will call for:

  • A clear Mission Statement (What are we about?).
  • A clear understanding of the team’s strengths (What can we do together?)
  • A clear understanding of the team’s weaknesses (Where do we did some work and encouragement?)
  • A clear strategy to fulfill the team’s Mission (How can we fulfill our Mission?)

Step 4. COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION! If a team is to be successful there must be a set time for each team member to share their perspectives on the teams successes and problems. Communication may take time but it is well worth the investment.  Communication cannot be rushed!

Step 5. Evaluate team performance constantly.  What is happening?  Why is it happening?  “Is it worth our time?” is an essential question that must be asked constantly.

Step 6. The teams should hold regular times of celebration to acknowledge their achievements and successes.  This should happen at least once a month.

These six basic steps can help any organization create a strong team.

Dale Roach

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