6 Simple Reasons People Stop Going to Church

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Why People Stop Going to Church

6 Simple Reasons People Stop Going to Church

I have been involved in church work for over thirty years. During that time I have come across many people who have quit going to church. Some of those “church-quitters” were devout “church-goers” while others were new Christians. Over the years I have had one simple question for these people,

“What caused you to stop going to church?”

When I asked this question, several answers were given, but these six responses seemed to pop-up often.

It Was A Family Chapel

This response came from people who tried to take part in a church only to find themselves unwelcome. The reason for this was because many of the people they came in contact with had been in the church for a long time. Because of this, there was a behavioral pattern that did not welcome newcomers. Which leads to the second reason many people quit going to church.

I Felt Like an Outsider

There is nothing like stepping into a room only to feel that you are unwelcome. It is awkward and extremely uncomfortable. If anyone comes into a church only to “feel out of place” you can be sure that they will “get out of that place.” When this has happened, I have noticed that this is a two-way street. Some congregations are no ready for guests, and some people are uncomfortable in being put on the spot as guests. Asking people to stand or raise their hand to recognize their “visit” was a real turn-off for the guests.

I Didn’t Care For the Worship Style/Sermon

Worship wars have gone on for decades; however, I do believe the storm has calmed down in the last few years. Every church has different styles of worship and the conflicts that have evolved over the past years about worship style have prevented churches from seeing the real mission of the church. The goal of every place of Christian worship should be to promote the message and ministry of Jesus. When the music and the message are coordinated to lift Jesus up, he will draw people to Himself

Here is one more thing to remember, “Worship is not for us. Worship is for the Lord!” He is the audience, not us. However, worship styles have been used by many people to quit going to church.

That Blow-up Business Meeting Was Scary

Can it be any more embarrassing than to sit in a “business meeting” with a body of believers and watch them behave like the un-Redeemed? One of the approaches that I have taken with my congregations over the past years is to have them think about the words “business” and “ministry.” I have worked hard to have the church see our ministry as far greater than any business. When all “business” is transformed into “ministry” it takes on a different tone. I have yet to see a blow-up Ministry Meeting.

I Got Tired of Hearing About Their Need for Money

Some congregations have allowed themselves to become an organization that is in a constant need of financial resources. This behavior may have to do with everything from property upkeep to the paying of staff members or taking care of a debt. One of the challenges that all congregations have today is to evaluate how their financial resources are used. If money is at the top of a churches needs this will cause many to walk away.

The Hypocrites Did It For Me

 Loving Jesus at Church and acting like the devil at work will not work. The world sees it and so do those in the workplace. Every follower of Christ must understand that the name Christian carries a heavy responsibility at work, in the neighborhood, on the ball field and every event we attend.

These six reasons are not a complete list. However, I have heard these six often. If you quit going to church, what was your reason?

Dale Roach

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