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5 Reasons Churches Die

5 Reasons Churches DieIs Your Church Dead or Alive?

On my way to work today, I passed by a church I had passed hundreds of times before.  Today was different.  Standing in the front lawn of the church worship center was a large sign -  “FOR SALE.”   The church had closed, the people are gone and all that is left is a building that needs a buyer.

Why do churches die?  What causes this to take place? Here are a few thoughts:

Reasons Churches Die

  1. No Vision (There is no vision of what can be.)
  2. No Zeal (There is no fuel for the spiritual journey.)
  3. No Hunger for Success (We like it just the way it is!)
  4. No Target (We are not aiming for anything.)
  5. No Presence of the Holy Spirit  (We really are not counting on God to do anything.)

Here is an article by Thom Rainer that also speaks about churches that are declining and closing:  Autopsy of a Deceased Church:  11 Things I Learned.

How is your church doing?  Is your fellowship alive or is there a closing date in the near future?  It is really sad to see a “FOR SALE” sign in a church parking lot.

What do you think?

Dale Roach


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