Reasons Teamwork Will Not Work in Church

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4 Reasons Teamwork Won't WorkReasons Teamwork Doesn’t Work?

Do you know the reasons teamwork does cannot take place in some churches?  There are many congregations that claim to be structured by teamwork.  Even though a fellowship may claim to work like a team and create team names for all their organizations this does not mean that they have those characteristics.

The Bible gives direction on working together. So, why is it that teamwork will not work in some churches?

Here are four reasons teamwork will never develop in some congregations.

1.    Many churches do not want their church to grow into a team ministry.

To grow as a team would mean to share responsibilities. Some church members are unwilling to share the control of the church with others.

2.    Many churches prefer to define themselves as a committee driven organization and not a team driven organization.

Here are the definitions of these two words:

Committee: a person or group of persons elected or appointed to do some service or function, as to investigate, report on, or act upon a particular matter.

Team: a number of persons forming one of the sides in a game or contest: a football team or a number of persons associated in some joint action.

Too often, committees allow one or two people to be a dominant influence. A real team understands that the absence of one person will weaken the overall success of the organization.

Too many churches are committee driven and not team influenced.

3.    Many congregations find it hard to simplify their ministry goals so everyone on the team understands what they are.

Complicated rules and regulations are held on to as another means of controlling the fellowship.  Many times the Holy Spirit is completely ignored over such rules and regulations.

4.     Many fellowships allow dominant personalities to control the entire ministry team.

Strong personalities like to take control. A dominant personality will enjoy controlling or bossing others around.  Some overpowering people have no wish to hurt or control other people, but they do enjoy being able to take charge and get things done their way.

Dominant personalities can cripple just about any congregational team.

How is your church doing?

Do you want to work together with others?

Do you believe that God has a place of service for every person in your fellowship?

Is the Holy Spirit the driving force behind every ministry of your fellowship?

Teamwork is not going to work in some congregations!

How about yours?

Dale Roach

2 thoughts on “Reasons Teamwork Will Not Work in Church

  1. Dale,
    This is a very thought provoking post. I am visiting from the blogger care group and have never looked at church involvment through this light. I think in any ministry- whether volunteer or “official leadership” – approach towards your role is crucial. Thank you for these thoughts- I will ponder them and do a little soul searching. Thank you!

    1. I am glad you found the post interesting. I have been working and trying to help develop teamwork for several decades. It all started with a Christian father who was a pastor, a coach, a football referee and a great man of God. If you are interested in teamwork I have a free ebook that is all yours to the right of the post. There is also a new book to the right entitled “The Jethro Ministry.” This book is all about teamwork and is based on Exodus 18. Thanks again for your comments and interest.

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