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4 Lessons To Develop Leadership Greatness by Philip Rivers

Philip Rivers is a great example of a player who is in the process of developing leadership greatness.  Great players don’t become great until they inspire others to greatness.  Scott Bair of the New County Times shares some insight about how Philip Rivers is growing into leadership greatness.

1. Leadership greatness begins with shifting focus from self to others.  As soon as this happens true greatness will begin.  Shifting focus is the foundation. Norver Turner, “I think his emphasis has changed a little bit.  He certainly wants to play better, but he’s at a point in his career where he can help other guys do the same.”

2. Leadership greatness involves correcting and encouraging teammates during difficult times.  The person that can correct with encouragement during difficult times can truly influence those closest to them.  Nor Turner explains, “It could be something as simple as a quick pep talk or bringing a calming influence to a stressful situation.”

3. Leadership greatness demonstrate a work ethic that makes them great and then influences others to be great.  A great player that works hard but doesn’t bring others along is working selfishly.  Great players are able to influence the players around them to a better work ethic. Norver Turner, “That’s what leadership is, but it all starts with what you do on the field and the effort you put into honing your craft. He sets a great example for everyone in this organization.  After that, there are young guys he can teach and help them realize their potential with constructive criticism and positive reinforcement.”

4. Leadership greatness sets an example that always brings unity to the team.
The great leader understands the power of connection.  They will go out of there way to connect because it’s that important to them.  Running back Ryan Matthews, “He’s a guy you want to play hard for.  He finds a way to connect with everyone on this team in a unique way, which creates an instant bond that I believe it helps us on the field.  He’s the glue that holds this offense together.”

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