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4 Important Traits of Successful Organizations

As I was reading through my RSS feeds, I came across a quote that stood out by New England Patriots DT Gerard Warren.  After the 2010 season he wasn’t sure if he would be back in New England, but when he got the call he didn’t hesitate to return.  Gerard shares why he was so adamant about returning to New England, “Preparation, attention to detail, camaraderie, and the will not to give in.  Just chemistry, to be able to feed off what they do well and they feed off what you do well, and be able to mix together and make a masterpiece.”

Gerard’s quotes teaches us four important traits of successful organizations.

1. Preparation

Preparation is a learned discipline because people are not born prepared.  We must be diligent in developing the discipline through practice and study.  Often times our failure can be directly linked back to being unprepared for a situation or event.  Most people don’t spend the adequate time preparing because it’s a grind.  At times the meticulousness that preparation requires can be very difficult, but the results of that meticulous preparation are extremely satisfying.  As I continue to study Bill Belichick I’ve learned that his ability to conquer the drudgery of preparation is what makes him such a great coach.

2. Attention To Detail

A leader can’t pay attention to the details if they aren’t properly prepared.  Preparation is the lens that allows us to focus on the details that our team needs to execute in order to be successful.  When we aren’t prepared we increase our chances of focusing on areas that will not produce the best results.  So if we are going to be committed to the details, we must first be committed to the grind of preparation.

3. Camaraderie

Camaraderie has been a trademark for the New England Patriots for years.  It first begins with a unified coaching staff.  Always remember the power and influence a unified coaching staff has.  In regards to the team, true camaraderie begins when individuals are more concerned with serving than shining.  When the coaching staff and players are unified it provides the foundation needed to be successful.

4. The Will Not To Give In

The ability to pay attention is the result of preparation.  The same can same can be applied to camaraderie and the will not to give in.  When teammates truly care about serving one another their will is strengthened, they don’t give up in stressful times, they endure the pain of discipline with determination, they just don’t give in.  Teams that have this in their DNA makeup have the ability to stay committed to the process, when the process offers opportunities to quit.

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