4 Basic Purposes That Will Create Strong Teamwork

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4 purposes to create strong teamwork



How to Create Strong Teamwork

How can a leader help to create strong teamwork in their organization, business, or congregation? Can a powerful team approach be created?

Here are four basic purposes that can assist in developing a team approach.

1.  Teamwork Must Have An Understandable Purpose

To clarify strong teamwork, it first must start with the leader. If the one leading a group does not have a clear understanding of the team’s direction, the members of the team will never have clarity of the group’s direction.

How is the purpose of your team explained in a clear, understandable way?

2. Teamwork Must Have A Relevant Purpose

When a team of people understands the purpose of the group, the next step is to define the relevance of the team. In other words, what makes the goals of the group relevant?

How is the purpose of your team made relevant to those on the team?

3. Teamwork Must Have A Meaningful Purpose

 For a team to be successful, there must be a clear and well-defined target. The purpose of the organization must be understood by every member of the team.

How is the purpose and the meaning of your team made clear to those on the team and those outside of the team?

4.  Teamwork Must Have An Intense Purpose

 Real cooperation produces strong feelings and opinions. When the views of the organization are understood and are relevant and have meaning, this will help the team’s purpose to become intense. Intensity can create a definite purpose.

Does the purpose of your team show intensity or is the objective weak and unclear?

These four primary goals can help to create great teamwork in your organization, business, charity group or congregation. Your purpose as a team must be

  • Understandable
  • Relevant
  • Meaningful
  • Intense

What would you add to these four purposes to create strong teamwork?

Dale Roach

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