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18 Steps to Create Healthy Teamwork

18 Steps to Create Healthy TeamworkWorking on any team can produce all kinds of feelings and emotions.  The goal of any good team is to create a healthy environment for every member of the team.  The aim of a healthy team is for every team member to be able to say, “Serving on this team makes me feel that I am productive, competent, needed, and appreciated because”: 

  1. Our meetings are well managed and productive. We don’t waste time or energy.
  1. Team members respect and trust one another.
  1. We help our leader succeed and he or she helps us to succeed.
  1. It’s easy to participate in the meetings and in the team’s work.
  1. I have a unique role/niche on my team that others rely on me for.
  1. I’m listened to and my ideas count.  We also listen to each other.
  1. Our team isn’t political or gossipy.
  1. I can see how our work makes a real difference in the lives of people.
  1. Our mission makes positive contributions to those we work for.
  1. People encourage me in my work.
  1. Team members take notice of my contributions and show appreciation.
  1. Team members maintain a positive attitude.
  1. We are accountable to each other for our work.  We’re constructively open and honest with each other.
  1. We strive to do what is best for the organization and those we work for.
  1. We respect the work and priorities of other teams in the organization.
  1. I feel good about the contributions I make.
  1. We work together as a team and depend on each other.
  1. I don’t feel stressed out or burned out working with my team.

If these 18 points are part of your team, you are part of a healthy teamwork environment.  Enjoy the journey.

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