13 Principles in Becoming a Christian Leader

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Christian LeaderGene Getz believes that there are 13 principles in becoming a Christian leader.  This information can be found in his article “Becoming a Spiritually Mature Leader” found in Leaders on Leadership.

Here are those principles:

  1. A leader should be living an exemplary life that is obvious to both Christians and non-Christians.
  2. A leader should be morally pure, maintaining God’s standard of righteousness.
  3. A leader should walk by faith, demonstrate hope and manifest true biblical love in all relationship.
  4. A leader should be wise, discerning and experienced; the kind of Christian who reflects true humility and is disciplined by God’s grace to live a godly life and to be a person of prayer.
  5. A leader should live a well-ordered life that makes the gospel attractive to unbelievers.
  6. A leader should be unselfish and generous, willing to open his home for ministry and to share his earthly blessings with both Christians and non-Christians.
  7. A leader should be able to communicate in a non-argumentative, non-defensive and non-threatening way – demonstrative gentleness, patience and teachability without compromising the message of the Word of God.
  8. A leader should not be in bondage to any sinful cravings of the flesh; furthermore, that person should carefully consider the way his or her freedoms in Christ might lead others to sin.
  9. A leader should be able to control angry feelings, never expressing these feelings in hurtful ways nor allowing them to linger indefinitely.
  10. A leader should be able to demonstrate strong convictions and directness in taking a stand for righteousness, but to also balance these attitudes and actions with a loving spirit.
  11. A leader should relate to others by using a style of communication that does not make them feel controlled, manipulated and defensive.
  12. A leader should be a generous Christian, giving regularly, systematically, proportionally and joyfully to the Lord’s work.
  13. A leader who is also a parent should have a good relationship with his or her children, giving proper direction to the family unit. (Leaders on Leadership, pages 84-103)
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