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10 Tips and Tactics Dealing With Conflict

10 Tips and Tactics for Dealing With Conflict John M. McKee has 10 tips and tactics dealing with conflict.  McKee also has some great insight on how to deal with the various reasons for conflict.

McKee is the founder and CEO of, an international consulting and coaching practice with subscribers in 43 countries. He also is one of the founding senior executives of DIRECTV. His hands-on experience includes leading billion dollar organizations and launching start-ups in both the U.S. and Canada. He has two published books. He also is frequently seen providing advice on TV, in magazines, and newspapers.

One of McKee’s articles, 10 Tips and Tactics for Dealing with Conflict!  can help any team leader deal with issues.  Here are the basic ten points of this article:

  1. Ask questions
  2. Analyze expectations
  3. Recognize differing perspectives
  4. Identify mistakes
  5. Watch out for emotional triggers
  6. Focus on preventing escalation
  7. Take action to control the situation
  8. Commit to working it out
  9. De-escalate the conflict
  10. Stay calm

Conflict can be destructive if not handled in a healthy fashion.  What do your tactics dealing with conflict look like. How is your organization dealing with conflict?

Dale Roach

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