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Like A Team - A Christian Resource for Teamwork Development

10 Steps for Effective Communication

Phil Van Auken points out 10 points for effective communication:10 Steps for Effective Communication

  1. Slow down to help others understand you.
  2. Give people time to talk without interrupting.
  3. Give people time to confer with others.
  4. Keep language as simple as possible.
  5. Save time and your sanity by doubling your communication efforts.
  6. Be honest; don’t pretend to understand what you don’t.
  7. Pay attention to what is said and not said, and how something is said.
  8. Ask questions and check for shared meaning.
  9. Consolidate understanding.
  10. Make your questions straightforward.

Phil Van Auken, Virtual Teamwork: Building Your Own Professional Community of Productivity and Meaning.

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Dale Roach

Dale is the creator of "Like A Team."He has been working with businesses, charity organizations, volunteer groups and church groups in the development of teamwork for over 25 years.The goal of "Like A Team" is to help share the knowledge and skills of healthy team creators across the planet.
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