10 Mistakes Most Leaders Will Make

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10 mistakes of leaders

10 Mistakes of Leaders

I came across a helpful book some time ago entitled Leadership for Dummies.  I found the title itself interesting.  The title was appealing to me due to the fact that I had made a couple of stupid decisions as a team leader.  I am not sure if you have ever found yourself in that type of situation but I have found myself making bad leadership decisions on several occasions. I was drawn to the book!

It is always good to hear that I am not alone in making leadership mistakes.  According to Marshall Loeb, former managing editor of Fortune and Money magazines and Stephen Kindel, former president of Pull Technologies, Inc., here are 10 mistakes that leaders make in their skill development.

  1. Failing to learn from your mistakes and repeating them over and over.
  2. Failing to be a flexible person.
  3. Failing to acknowledge your past and attempting to be what you are not.
  4. Being a commander rather than a leader.
  5. Failing to listen.
  6. Getting caught up in your own glory and thinking of yourself first.
  7. Thinking that leadership is endless and expecting it to last forever.
  8. Hoarding your skills and information and failing to teach others.
  9. Taking yourself too seriously and refusing to have a sense of humor.
  10. See only in black and white and failing to see the gray areas.

None of us are perfect leaders. All of us will make mistakes. It will help us to know what the most common failures are and train ourselves to avoid them.

How did you do with the 10 mistakes listed above?

Dale Roach

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2 thoughts on “10 Mistakes Most Leaders Will Make

  1. James Powers says:

    Very nice article. I agree very much. None of us are perfect, there is always room to improve. Finding a balance in all of those areas above it crucial too.

    Thanks for the reminder!!

    1. Dale Roach says:

      James, I glad that you found the article to be of some benefit. Thanks for your comments.

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