10 Characteristics of a Praying Leader

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Praying Leader and Their Characteristics

What does a healthy praying leader look like?

What are the characteristics of the prayer life of those who follow Jesus?

In an address to the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee in Nashville February 20-21, 2017, Steve Gaines (SBC President) used passages from Acts chapter 3 and 4 to show the characteristics of a praying leader.

Here is what is created in a praying leader:

  1. Prayer Brings Power to Overcome Persecution – Acts 3
  2. Prayer Brings Unity – Acts 4:23
  3. Prayer Brings Dependence on Scripture – Acts 4:23-30
  4. Prayer Brings Confidence in God
  5. Prayer Offers Strategic Petitions –Acts 4:29, 31
  6. Prayer Ushers in Miracles
  7. Prayer Leads to the Development of Evangelism

Additional benefits of a leader who prays:

  1. Prayer Introduces the Grace of God
  2. Prayer Helps People Who Pray to Become Generous
  3. Prayer Produces Gifted Leaders

What would you add to this to help define a the skills of a leader who prays?

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