10 Big Mistakes That All Leaders Can Make

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10 Big Mistakes of Leaders10 Big Mistakes That All Leaders Can Make

What are the 10 big mistakes that any leader can make?

Hans Finzel states strongly throughout this book that leadership is equivalent to influence. 

The goal of understanding those we work with is the prime objective.  The concept of “servant leadership” is promoted throughout this book.  The phrase “people work before paperwork” is a strong theme.  The main focus for any healthy organization is people.

Finzel also encourages the reader to remember that people thrive on praise.

The concept of committees is also discouraged.  The individual and his/her visions and input are seen to be most treasured. This also introduces the possibility of risk and mistakes.  Finzel does not see this as negative.  One phrase that seems to override all themes in the book is “I do not do the work.” 

Over-managing is a big mistake.  The author also establishes the need for transition in any organization.  Planning your departure and the success of future leaders is the sign of strong leadership.

One of the greatest strengths that Finzel seems to have is that of someone who has failed, many times.  His honesty and willingness to share his failures are quite refreshing.  Many books on leadership lack the humanness that this author displays.  A weakness in this writing is the seesawing between secular business leadership terms and the spiritual. One concept that is repeated throughout this book is the act of encouraging others to use their skills.  Communication is needed for strong leadership.

Here are the 10 Big Mistakes:

  1. The Top Down Attitude
  2. Putting Paperwork Before People work
  3. The Absence of Affirmation
  4. No Room for Mavericks
  5. Dictatorship in Decision-Making
  6. Dirty Delegation
  7. Communication Chaos
  8. Missing the Culture Cues of Corporate Culture (The unseen killer of many a leader)
  9. Success Without Successors
  10. Failure to Focus on the Future

Quote:“All of us task-oriented obsessive compulsives must learn to slow down and let people into our lives.” p.38

Dale Roach

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