10 Basic Principles in Growing a Healthy Church

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10-basic-principles-in-growing-a-healthy-churchBetween 1999 and 2002 it was my pleasure to begin and complete my doctoral work at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.  During this time of study it was also my privilege to worship on several occasions at Southeast Christian Church.  Bob Russell, the founding pastor of Southeast Christian, was the senior pastor during this time.

While worshipping with Southeast Christian Church I came across a book by Bob Russell entitled, When God Builds a Church: 10 Principles for Growing a Dynamic Church.  These ten principles were the tools that Pastor Russell, his staff and congregational leadership used to help created a powerful and growing fellowship.

Here are the 10 principles that Pastor Russell and his church believed were necessary for their fellowship to become all that the Heavenly Father desired for them to become.

 Principle 1: Truth

Be consistent in proclaiming God’s Word as truth and apply it to people’s lives.

 Principle 2:  Worship

Worship God every week in spirit and truth with no apologizes to anyone.

 Principle 3: Leadership

Develop Christ-centered leaders within the fellowship who will lead by their example.

 Principles 4:  Excellence

Do the very best you can in every area of service.  Do not tolerate “second best.”

 Principles 5:  Faith

Be willing to step out with a bold faith and take risks.  Trust the Lord to lead the way.

 Principle 6:  Harmony

Maintain a spirit of harmony.  God blesses a harmonious fellowship.  Never allow divisions to be the driving force of the church.

 Principle 7: Participation

Expect the congregation to participate in every ministry of the fellowship.  The “body of Christ” must work together if it is going to be healthy.

 Principle 8:  Fellowship

Continually practice brotherly and sisterly (agape) love for one another.  The fellowship is a family.

 Principle 9:  Stewardship

Stewardship is giving generously of God’s resources as a Church and individuals.

 Principle 10:  Evangelism

Make a commitment as a fellowship to enthusiastically support evangelism as the primary mission of the church.

These ten principles are a great resource for any fellowship that is seeking the movement of God to take place within their church.

Dale Roach

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