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What Are the 22 Characteristics of A Strong Servant22 characteristics strong servant leader Leader?

What are the characteristics of a strong servant leader?

Strong servant leaders know that the greatest call placed upon them is to invest in other people. There is no company, no organization, and no project that is more important than those who are under our guidance. The soul of a strong leader and the mind of a healthy manager know this to be true.

Here are the 22 characteristics of a strong servant leader.

1. Vision Over Version

The “vision” of the leader should always be clear and easy to understand.  “Vision” is being able to see something that does not exist in the minds of others.  It is not a copy. “Vision” is about knowing where you can see your team or organization headed.  It is not a duplicate of what someone else has invented.  It is not another version of another person’s good idea. Vision is being able to see where you’re going!  It produces the ability to see what’s up ahead.  This must be done in both a literal and figurative sense.

2. People Over Programs

Too often groups, businesses, and churches allow their organizations to take on more life than the people that make up the group.  The system means more than the individuals.  This will kill any team effort.  Without the unique input of different people into an organization, it will have little creativity and a great deal of stagnation.  Personalities must mean more than the program.  (20 More Characteristics of a Strong Servant Leader – complete article)