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Here is a Health Insurance Alternative

A Health Insurance Alternative

An Alternative to Your Health InsuranceSeveral years ago when I was in the process of moving into the Lead Pastor position of a new church I had a friend tell me that I should consider a health insurance alternative.  After telling me about how he was able to pay for two surgeries in a way I had never heard of before he introduced me to a network of Christian believers who share each others medical needs.  The name of the organization is Medi-Share.

What is Medi-Share?

Medi-Share is a community of over 100,000 plus Christians who follow the biblical model of sharing and paying each other’s medical bills.  This process is much like what the early church did 2,000 years ago. Continue reading

How God Used Mary and Joseph’s Strengths in Solving Problems

The Christmas story offers powerful lessons about strengths.

God specially selected Mary and Joseph to bring His Son into the world and raise Him. He used their different strengths in processing information, solving problems, managing change, and facing risk – each in unique ways.

When it came to solving problems, Mary and Joseph had two distinct approaches. Both approaches were valuable in the outcome of our Savior’s birth.

Mary’s Approach: Humble and Agreeable

Put yourself into the sandals of a 15-year-old first century Jewish girl. You just discovered you are pregnant, yet you’ve never been intimate with a man. How will your fiancé react? And more frightening, in your culture an out-of-wedlock pregnancy can mean death by stoning.

If you were Mary, an unplanned pregnancy was a clear problem.

Consider the ways others might go about solving it: fear … demands … aggressive defense … anger … lies … denial … a full-blown temper tantrum … Continue reading

Leading as a Coach or Counselor

Leading as a Coach or CounselorWhile people may assume that there is very little difference between coaching, counseling, mentoring, and discipleship, there are some significant differences.

Coaching differs from counseling in that coaching works in the realm of positive psychology while counseling focuses more on negative psychology. This fact is seen in the goals for clients. Continue reading

19 Things That We Should Give Thanks to God For

thanksgiving-imageAs we head into the next few weeks, we will be celebrating two major Holy Days. The reason I like using the phrase Holy Day is because the word holiday comes from the Old English word hāligdæg (hālig meaning holy + dæg meaning day.) In the beginning this phrase or word originally referred only to a special religious day.

Today the word “holiday” means any special day to rest, relax or take a day off from work.  However, the next few weeks can be a great opportunity for us to move from Thanksgiving straight into Christmas by being thankful every week for all God has done for us.  These days can once again, become Holy Days of worship as we give thanks to Our Creator and celebrate the birth of His Son!

Here are 19 things that we should give thanks to God for as we move from Thanksgiving straight into Christmas: Continue reading